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Fight caries with scientific research-backed products by Dr. Jen, the licensed dentist dedicated to strong patients outcomes for preventative oral care. Claim your clinically-proven free samples and lunch and learn hours when you register for a wholesale account today.

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To learn more about the recent science behind nHAp as a proven remineralizing ingredient in toothpaste, join us for a live CE over lunch.

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“Dr. Jen’s toothpaste and floss are the only way to go. They are made with only healthy ingredients (check the ingredients on other labels to compare) by a world-known orthodontist. Thank you for making products we can use and feel good about, Dr. Jen!”

– Dr. Tonya Volk

With many of my patients seeking oral care products free from propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, and artificial flavoring, I did an extension search on natural toothpaste. Dr. Jen’s was the only brand I discovered using safe and science-backed ingredients. I have seen less plaque build-up and stronger enamel with my patients using Dr. Jen’s.  This is the only toothpaste I recommend for my patients.

– Dr. Chris Stansburry Orthodontist

I found Dr. Jen’s toothpaste was the only brand using proper levels of Nano-Hydroxyapatite to be effective with remineralizing enamel..

– Dr. Nicole Peters

I loved the CE. I’ve been in dentistry for 17 years and never knew that my prescription-strength fluoride alone can’t do the job in a dry mouth! We’ve been recommending Dr. Jen SuperPaste for our patients, and they love that they can get it from us or online.

– Dr. Carley Odens

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Explore the history of Nano Hydroxyapatite (nHAp) development, from NASA's pioneering work in the 1970's to its diverse applications in the medical and dental fields over the past four decades. Delve into a comprehensive review of clinical studies validating nHAp as a proven remineralizing ingredient, with a spotlight on its remarkable efficacy.

Gain valuable insights into additional research supporting nHAp's ability to effectively manage hypersensitivity, and discover the enhanced remineralization potential achieved when nHAp is combined with fluoride in toothpaste formulations. Don't miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of dental innovation and elevate your clinical practice.

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